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My name is Sunny, and I am an attorney-turned-life coach who is passionate about connecting people with who they really are and the lives they want to live. Why? Because I wasn’t always connected to who I really was. And I know how painful and frustrating that can be.

Painful because no matter how many external achievements you add to your resume or how good your life looks on paper, you may still feel pretty unfulfilled and crappy on the inside. Frustrating because you don’t know what do to about it. And any ideas you do have are crushed under the crippling fear of change and the unknown.

I know. I’ve been there. But I’m happy to say I pushed through the fear, leapt into the unknown and lived to tell. In fact, I didn’t merely survive; I am thriving. And I am passionate about helping others do the same.

As a coach, it is my great honor and pleasure to accompany and encourage you as you take that leap.

What will it look like for you? Quitting that job that makes you miserable…or launching that business you’ve always dreamed of…or leaving that unhealthy relationship that is no longer sustainable…or simply following that small, still voice inside telling you there is something more.

Whatever that leap looks like for you, let me help you take it. Let me help guide you toward a life lived from a place of courage and love, not fear.

Golden Oversoul. GO boldly toward the life you were meant to live.


My Interview with Byron Katie!

January 22, 2016 in the Archives


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