A Divorce Workshop: Ditch the Dirty Pain!

Are you experiencing any painful or fearful thoughts as you navigate your divorce, and you want a tool to help you deal with them?  If so, please keep reading!

We each usually have our “top ten tunes” of thoughts that tend to play on repeat inside our own head.  In my experience, divorce can kick up some doozies!  Here are some common examples I hear:

  • “She should not have left.”
  • “He should have cared more.”
  • “I’ll never find someone else and I’ll be alone forever.”

Chances are you have your own unique variety of thought torment that has come up around your divorce.  The good news is that there are tools to combat these niggling beliefs that may be keeping you up at night, and that is what we’ll be covering.


This event is affiliated with the Unhitched divorce support group that I co-facilitate (see the Unhitched page under Events for more details).  Our regular monthly gatherings are usually a combination of sharing and light coaching.  This is a focused workshop dedicated to one issue: letting go of the painful thoughts and limiting beliefs that run rampant during divorce!

We’ll still have opportunities for support and sharing, but the emphasis here will be on arming you with a powerful tool to deal with your painful and fearful thoughts as they arise.

REGISTRATION DETAILS:  Check back soon – we’ll be scheduling another one of these workshops in the near future!  Please contact Sunny at sunnyjoy@goldenoversoul.com with any questions.