You may have checked out my homepage before venturing over here to learn a little more about me.  If so, you probably know by now that I am a recovering attorney, a practicing master life coach, and a radio host.

I’m also a happy divorcée who, after an incredibly high-conflict marriage, shared an awesome post-divorce friendship with my amazing ex-husband until his passing in 2018.  I know how to get divorced gracefully (and if you want to find out how, too, just grab a copy of my book, Unhitched).  If it could happen for us, it could happen for anyone!

My life and my work feel like a calling these days.  I am now passionate about using divorce and other tough events and decisions as catalysts for personal transformation, spiritual awakening and creating a kickass new life.  It’s a breakdown to breakthrough.  And if you use the tough stuff to spark big change, what lies ahead will amaze you.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  The journey to get to a place of peace and fulfillment was anything but easy.

And frankly, it’s nowhere near over yet – which is actually pretty cool!  In my book, we can never get it wrong, and it’s never done.

I didn’t always have so much trust in the Universe, however.  In fact, I spent the better part of my adult life with a white-knuckle death grip on forcing our culture’s definition of a flawless life into place.  You probably know the drill…get the fancy education, impressive career, great spouse and perfect marriage, big house, bigger bank account, etc.

Here’s the thing about a perfect life on paper, though: it’s usually flimsy as hell.  And I actually feel pretty blessed to have been able to discover this the hard way…

The year was 2010.  My life had never looked so shiny and Instagram perfect…on the outside, anyway.  Behind closed doors, however, when my husband and I weren’t leading completely separate lives, we were at each other’s throats.

Our marriage was at the height of its dysfunction, and maintaining the façade of perfection was exhausting.

I’d had a great law school education from a top tier school followed by an associate attorney position with a large reputable law firm in Austin.  Behind closed doors, however, I knew law wasn’t my true calling.  I’d put all that time, energy and education into a career mainly to impress other people and compensate for my own really crappy self-worth.

After years of yo-yo dieting, I was finally at the weight I’d always dreamed of (albeit an unhealthy one by most standards outside of Hollywood).  Behind closed doors, however, I was sacrificing my health and wellness to get as skinny as possible by whatever means available, including drugs and plastic surgery.

Add in a healthy dose of regular binge drinking in order to stay fun and numb, and I was one delightfully high hot mess whose priorities were completely out of whack.

That lifestyle was pretty damn alluring, especially considering my entire self-worth was wrapped up in the money, education and external perfection.  But underneath the shine, I felt hollow.

I’d been given the rare opportunity to “have it all” by our culture’s standards.  And I discovered through direct experience that “having it all” isn’t enough.

All along, I knew deep inside I was meant for something more.  We all are.  We come here to this crazy, wonderful planet for so much more.  Not something fancy or grandiose necessarily, but something more meaningful.  Something fulfilling to the soul.

So from that point forward, I began the terrifying but infinitely rewarding process of steering the course of my life by trusting my gut and following my heart.  Terrifying because I walked away from everything; infinitely rewarding because I was finally connected to something that was bigger than me.

I radically simplified all areas of my life. I went to Burning Man. I did my own version of Eat Pray Love, spending months abroad volunteering with elephants in Thailand, donkeys in Spain, and children in Indonesia. I even lived in a cute little Airstream travel trailer for awhile. When I took away all the externals, I finally discovered who I really was.  And I liked her.

I came to believe with a knowingness in my very bones that I was an integral thread in a much larger tapestry.  You are, too.  I also discovered there was a divine intelligence behind the picture that was forming with my help.  And I could trust the process totally and completely.  You can, too.

Bottom line, there is some magical, serendipitous goodness happening on this little planet of ours.  I had to step out of my old life to find it.  You may have to step out of yours, as well…or maybe not.  Only you know the answer.

Either way, all the answers, wisdom and resources are right there inside you.  You may just need a little help remembering.  That’s where I come in.  My work is to help you remember who you are, who you came here to be, your magnificence, your brilliance, and your place in Life’s tapestry.

So whether you’ve been brought to your knees unwillingly by a major life crisis or event, or whether you are simply ready to listen to the still, small voice within calling you to something more, the time to step into who you are meant to be is now!

Sunny gets to the heart of the matter very quickly and is able to provide direction and support for where to go. She is a caring and open-hearted person who is dedicated to her work and is passionate about helping others succeed and you feel this immediately from her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and direction. ~  Joanne H.