Are You a Presentist?

Not too long ago, I had the honor of interviewing scientist, humanist, and 2-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Ervin Laszlo.


I’d heard Laszlo called a futurist before, and I wanted to ask him about it. Namely, if things in our world are changing so rapidly and to such a great degree, is futurism even still possible?


In response, Laszlo said he thinks of himself not as a futurist, but a “presentist.” He said the future is not to be forecast but created, and only the present harbors the opportunity to choose our future.


Presentist instantly became one of my new favorite words.


Of course, there’s all that awesome research already out there on the benefits of maintaining present moment awareness without judgment (aka, mindfulness), including an increase in wellbeing with decreases in stress, anxiety, and depression.


But being a presentist offers SO much more than that. The present is where your true power lies.


Now your mind is not the best presentist. It typically wants to hang out in one of two places: 1) rumination about the past and coulda, woulda, shoulda-ing for hours on end; or 2) future-tripping about every possible doomsday scenario to the point of inducing anxiety and panic.


In other words, it may take some effort to direct your head to the present, but I promise it will be worth your while. Because that’s where the magic hangs out.


Part of Laszlo’s latest work is around the science of spiritual experiences, and how they not only change us, but also transform our world. But it’s pretty hard to have one of those transformative mystical experiences when you’re in your head, either obsessing about the past or worrying about the future.


So turn away from your unchangeable past and your unknowable future, and instead turn right here, to the present.


Become a presentist.


It is by being a presentist that you will hear the Universe talking to you through signs and synchronicities.


It is by being a presentist that you will see the breadcrumbs leading you toward your true calling and best destiny.


It is by being a presentist that you will connect to the voice of your soul.


You’ll be in good company (ahem, Laszlo!). And you might just become present to some of that beautiful Universe magic!


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