If you are ready for more clarity, resilience, and confidence, if you are ready to get tapped in to your most essential self and deepest soul voice, if you are ready to feel more peaceful and grounded in a chaotic and uncertain world, then join the Soul Digger “Practice Your Practice” Challenge from October 26 – November 2!

Get Your Practice Dialed In, and Navigate the Rest of 2020 (Pandemic…Election…Whatever Else This Year Throws at Us) with Peace, Courage, and Knowing


Your practice is anything you do that connects you to your most essential self, your deepest soul voice, and something bigger (the Universe…Source…the Force…the Divine…God…whatever you like to call it).


Your practice might include time in nature, journaling, stillness or meditation, running, yoga, chanting, setting intentions or visioning, prayer, reading or listening to inspiring sources, gratitude, or any other activities that fill your well and feed your soul.


Your practice might last 10 minutes or 2 hours.  You might do it daily or as often as you can.  It will be unique to you and your needs.


Your practice (no matter how you do it!) changes your outlook, your wellbeing, your resilience, and the shape of your entire day – and ultimately, your life!  Its effects ripple out to your loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues, your work, your social media feed, and the world at large.

But let's get real...

Even if you have a practice + the best of intentions, your practice is probably the first thing to fall by the wayside when life gets busy, stressful, and scary…


When the kids need help with their remote learning…
When your boss moves up a deadline…
When the laundry pile is past knee high…
When the cat vomits on the carpet…

And another day passes with no practice.

You’ve had no opportunity to connect with yourself and tune in to your inner guidance.

You feel drained, hopeless, lacking purpose, and afraid of what the future holds.


  • Having more patience with your kiddos and spouse or partner
  • Being able to see the pandemic continue to unfold and the election play out without losing your mind
  • Having clarity about the right decisions for your life (your marriage, work, finances, etc.) even when the world is falling apart
  • Being a source of calm for your loved ones, those around you, and (most importantly!) yourself
  • (And if you’re shamelessly spiritual like I am!) Having an easy, conscious, and constant connection with your soul, your guides, and your higher power

Sound good?

Then join me for the Soul Digger "Practice Your Practice" Challenge from October 26 - November 2!

(and no, this timing is no accident - we are going to strengthen your spiritual muscle to be ready for whatever may come on November 3 and beyond!)

The Details:

We start MON., OCT. 26 with a KICK-OFF LIVESTREAM* at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern where you will create your ideal practice and commit to how much time each day you’ll devote to it. Already have an established practice? Awesome! The kick-off livestream will energize you and give you ideas for taking your practice to a new level! *Can't join us live? No problem! All livestreams will be recorded and provided to you afterwards.

Then you’ll have 7 DAYS to actually “PRACTICE YOUR PRACTICE” and feel its effects on your life, your relationships, your work, your finances, and your response to world events. Each day, you’ll receive an email with tips and inspiration to energize your practice and connect even deeper with your inner guidance. Worried about the time commitment? Don't be! Even IF YOU ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTES to devote to your practice, THAT IS PLENTY for the Challenge!

We’ll conclude on MON., NOV. 2 with a GRAND FINALE LIVESTREAM at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern where we'll make sure you have everything you need to keep practicing your practice, even after the Challenge is over!

Oh, and did I mention THERE WILL BE PRIZES?? Participating in the challenge and sharing your progress is all you have to do to be entered (further instructions provided upon registration).

So much in the world is uncertain. Your human doesn’t like it. But your soul doesn’t mind at all. In fact, it was born for this. And how can you access that soul? Your practice. Join us and find out!