Follow Your Soul

Soul Digger.


In 2012, I had the idea. In 2017, I bought the domain name to match when it came up for sale. In 2018, I filed the trademark application…but up until 2019, I had only used Soul Digger quietly with a few one-on-one clients.


I definitely did things out of order. I had no idea whether this idea had legs when I bought the domain name or filed for trademark registration.


Would anyone want to be a Soul Digger with me? Would people think I was crazy and had gone off the spiritual deep end?? Could I gracefully explain the play on Gold Digger?


And what exactly did it even mean to be a Soul Digger? In my industry, it can be hard to get traction if you don’t solve a problem that falls into a certain category (e.g., you help people make more money, you help couples improve their relationship, you help people lose weight, etc.).


So many unknowns. But what I did know for sure is that following my soul had saved my life.


When I started living a soul-driven life, I finally felt safe in a scary world. I finally had enough courage to follow the dreams of my heart and do the hard things. I finally felt like I was a part of something greater than me and I could trust in divine timing and my role in the larger tapestry.


And I stopped feeling crazy when the mystical, miraculous, and serendipitous started happening on the regular – in fact, I joyfully welcomed it as my new normal.


Today, we had our first meeting of the Soul Digger Founders Club membership community. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so excited about anything. And I’m so glad I followed my soul.


I have no idea where this is leading or how these dots will connect…but as I have learned to trust over and over during the past several years, my soul does. And it’s got things covered.


Follow your soul – it knows the way when you do not.


p.s. The pic is me super-excited about following my soul.

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