Permission Granted

Recently, I wrote a permission slip for a client.


She was scheduled to have surgery following a cancer diagnosis. And she was having a hard time prioritizing herself enough to put her self-care and nourishment over everything else as she planned for her recovery and healing.


I asked her, “If not now, when?” If not with cancer…if not after surgery…if not during such an impactful life event…when?


Folks, you do not need a cancer diagnosis or surgery or any big life challenge to justify putting your self-care and nourishment at the top of your to-do list.


Martyrdom is not sexy or healthy, and it certainly does not lead to meaning and fulfillment in your life.


If you needed a reminder, or if you need a permission slip, let this be it.


Because when you care for yourself, you are caring for your soul and its vessel. And when you care for your soul, you can hear it. You are in tune with its voice and guidance in the same way you are much more in tune with the voice of a good friend when you have nourished the friendship.


So when a life challenge comes your way (like cancer, surgery, a pandemic, divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, etc.), you are primed and ready to tap into the infinite well of love and wisdom your soul is ALWAYS offering.


Permission granted to prioritize yourself and your self-care. If not now, when?




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