The Labyrinth

I’ve been immersing myself in the story and gospel of Mary Magdalene lately. Without going into the historical significance or connection here, suffice it to say that it became important to me to find and walk a labyrinth.


But not just any labyrinth. I wanted one modeled after the medieval labyrinth found at Chartres Cathedral in France, with 11 circuits in and 11 circuits out (which quite synchronistically matches the “11:11” tattoo on the back of my neck!).


So I went to the Googles. And lo and behold, there is a medieval labyrinth modeled after Chartres right here in little ol’ Petaluma!


But it gets better…


This labyrinth is located on the campus of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). It is for the enjoyment of guests of IONS and the EarthRise Retreat Center located there, and is not open to the public.


However, as it turned out, I just happened to be scheduled to interview the Chief Scientist at IONS within weeks of discovering this magical labyrinth.


Although he’d been on my interview list for several years, quite serendipitously I didn’t reach out to invite him to be my guest until the Fall of 2019.


During a break on the show, I asked him about the labyrinth…and I ended up with an invitation to come out for a private tour of IONS and to see the labyrinth!


It was every bit as magical as I’d hoped. And it came about in the most easy, effortless and harmonious of ways without me having to do much but show up and enjoy.


It can be easy to default to chaos, rushing, and stress in our lives.  Instead, remember the magical Universe. Remember the easy and effortless flow that is always available to you. Step in and enjoy!


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