A Workshop

Divorce + Art = Healing

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Are you divorced and looking for opportunities to recover and thrive, as well as connect with likeminded individuals on a similar path?  Then come heal your heart by doing art!  Join us for a fun and experiential art therapy workshop where you will create a unique art piece.  Whether you are a seasoned artist or crafter, or whether your only experience with art is looking at it, all are welcome!



Art therapy is currently practiced in a variety of settings, from hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to schools and wellness centers.  It is widely recognized as a way to explore emotions, reduce anxiety and depression, and manage stress.  It is also a wonderful way to connect to your inner wisdom, and can assist in revealing or bringing forth feelings you are either unaware of or uncomfortable discussing. Art therapy taps into the human capacity for art and creativity to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In this workshop, you will be facilitated in creating an art piece consisting of two parts.  You are invited to bring a photograph, picture, object or memento symbolizing your life before your divorce, and another photograph, picture, object or memento symbolizing your life after divorce.

We will provide:

  • A beautiful space to create your art piece
  • Two canvases per person (the piece you create will be similar to a diptych, or a painting on two hinged panels that may be closed like a book)
  • All art supplies you will need to complete your piece



Windows Art Gallery is a charming community art space located in a quiet neighborhood in Wallingford.  There is plenty of parking in this lovely residential area.



  • Registration and further details are found HERE.
  • Cost for the class is $25
  • Please contact Sunny at sunnyjoy@goldenoversoul.com with any questions.