Your Sculptor Soul

Pre-Michelangelo, it was not uncommon for sculptors in the 15th century to create a small clay model as a sort of blueprint for what they wanted their finished sculpture to look like.  They would then force and fashion their marble to match the clay model.


Then came Michelangelo, who, in a letter from 1549, defined sculpture as the art of “taking away,” not that of “adding on.”  He saw the finished form already in the stone, and simply revealed it by chipping away what did not belong.


It was through this process that Michelangelo gifted the world with his masterpiece, David, one of the most famous sculptures of all time.


In the same way that those pre-Michelangelo sculptors created a model of what they wanted their finished piece to look like, we humans often come up with an idea of what we think our lives should look like.


We often believe we need to “add on” – add on more credentials and degrees, more wealth, more fame, more likes and followers.  We take all this more and force and fashion a life we think will give us an attractive finished product.


Your soul, on the other hand, is more like Michelangelo.  It sees in the ethers the masterpiece of your highest and most beautiful destiny that already exists.


It knows intimately the contours of the life that is possible.  And it knows that more is not needed.  All that is needed is to allow it to chip away what doesn’t belong.


Can you allow your soul to be the master sculptor of your life?


Can you get your small self out of the way long enough to let your soul stop unnecessary adding on?


Can you let it help you gently drop what doesn’t serve you?


Can you allow it to show you the potential that lies within you?


Can you let it chip away what doesn’t belong to reveal the masterpiece that your life can be?


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