Hey there!  I’m Sunny.

Recovering attorney.

Practicing master life coach.

Radio host of Sunny in Seattle.

Author of Unhitched.

Getting shamelessly spiritual to help others live soul-driven lives.



  • Your Search for Meaning

    About a week ago, I attended a virtual event addressing the current coronavirus circumstances.

  • The Three Gates

    The Three Questions The Test of Three The Three Gates   Whatever you call

  • Unhitched in the Time of Pandemic

    What Will You Learn About Your Marriage?   In China, as coronavirus home quarantine


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    Sunny has a great way of connecting to you. She helped me see insights that I wasn’t aware of and that I had more skills and strengths than I was giving myself credit for. After a coaching session with Sunny I always felt more optimistic and clear of the next steps to take. ~ Sunita Alves, PEng, PMP

    Sunny has helped me to better understand the way I think and the choices I have made, while still encouraging me to believe in myself.  She enabled me to see my strengths and provided me with strategies for areas I want to work on.  Sunny has been such an addition to my life. ~ Susannah M.