Hey there!  I’m Sunny.

I’m a recovering attorney and a practicing master life coach.

I’m here to help you align with your soul to bring your purpose to the world.  Sound good?  Then check out my offerings under “Work with Me” and let’s begin!



  • Your Sculptor Soul

    Pre-Michelangelo, it was not uncommon for sculptors in the 15th century to create a

  • Follow Your Soul

    Soul Digger.   In 2012, I had the idea. In 2017, I bought the

  • Ditch the List

    Years ago, when I was dating toward my first marriage, I had a long


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    Sunny has a great way of connecting to you. She helped me see insights that I wasn’t aware of and that I had more skills and strengths than I was giving myself credit for. After a coaching session with Sunny I always felt more optimistic and clear of the next steps to take. ~ Sunita Alves, PEng, PMP

    Sunny has helped me to better understand the way I think and the choices I have made, while still encouraging me to believe in myself.  She enabled me to see my strengths and provided me with strategies for areas I want to work on.  Sunny has been such an addition to my life. ~ Susannah M.