You are here on this earth to live a big, awesome, fulfilling life.

I’m here to help you get to it.

I believe we all have a purpose. 

You might even call it a soul purpose.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose, but it will feel deeply meaningful and pretty damn inspiring to you.  And it looks different for everyone.

But when you’re in the wrong work, when you’re merely surviving in a draining relationship, or when you’re navigating the rough waters of a difficult breakup or divorce, you likely have nothing left to give to your purpose.  You lose your footing and often lose sight of the big picture.

You may suspect you are meant for something more (more purposeful work, a more loving relationship, or just more general awesomeness in your life), but you don’t know where to start.

I’m here to help you change all that. 
Hi.  I’m Sunny.  I’m a recovering attorney, practicing master life coach, author, and radio host.  And I know from personal experience just how much an unhealthy relationship, an unfulfilling job, or a painful divorce can take you off your game.

I also know that the tough stuff can act as the most amazing catalyst for personal transformation, spiritual awakening and creating a kickass new life.  It’s a breakdown to breakthrough.  And what’s possible on the other side is going to knock your socks off!

Let me help you turn your tough stuff into gold.


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    Sunny has a great way of connecting to you. She helped me see insights that I wasn’t aware of and that I had more skills and strengths than I was giving myself credit for. After a coaching session with Sunny I always felt more optimistic and clear of the next steps to take. ~ Sunita Alves, PEng, PMP

    Sunny has helped me to better understand the way I think and the choices I have made, while still encouraging me to believe in myself.  She enabled me to see my strengths and provided me with strategies for areas I want to work on.  Sunny has been such an addition to my life. ~ Susannah M.