Your Very Own Goddess Flash

The other day, a client was telling me about an experience she has sometimes that she calls a “Goddess Flash” (and no, this does not have to do with menopause).


She described a feeling of confidence where she can handle anything thrown at her and nothing can get her down. In her words, she’s resilient, and has both a knowing and an inner power to be who she is. She finished by saying that life would be so much easier if she could always be in that space.


My ears perked up. I know this feeling and have spent the last few years chasing it, tracking it, and trying to figure out how access it on demand.


✨ What I’ve come to believe is that this experience is what it feels like when you are joined up with your soul (or higher self or consciousness or whatever you like to call it). ✨


THIS is what it feels like when you are a perfectly-aligned divine conduit for your spirit to move you through your life.


THIS is what it feels like when you are connected to the most powerful, wisest part of you.


THIS is what it feels like when you remember who you really are – the spiritual being having the human experience French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin talked about.


And this experience is available to us all.  No matter what you call it, we all have access to our very own Goddess Flash.


Your Goddess Flash may feel elusive and unpredictable, though. You may simply be pleasantly surprised when it happens, but unable to conjure it on demand.


But here’s the thing…I’ve discovered you can actually induce a Goddess Flash.*


* Disclaimer: We are human, and bad days are part of the human experience. I am not saying that you can expect to live in a Goddess Flash that lasts 24/7/365 for a lifetime. Hell, even Jesus and Buddha apparently had a rough go of it at times. What I am saying is that you can create an environment conducive to inviting in the flashiest of all Goddess Flashes.


This is why we work on several primary pillars in my Soul Digger community, all designed to keep the alignment with your soul dialed in:
✨ Cleaning the Body (i.e., priming the body for optimum connection with and clear communication from the soul by supporting the body and examining those substances and habits that knock us out of alignment)
✨ Clearing the Mind (i.e., putting the mind in service of the soul, not the other way around, by dissolving crappy thinking)
✨ Connecting the Spirit (i.e., filling the spiritual well with divine connection and inspiration)


Through several years of trial and error, this is the basic recipe my being seems to respond to if I want to get into the Goddess Flash flow:
✨ Cleaning my body means…eating clean (no sugar or refined grains) while intermittent fasting, no alcohol for at least 48 hours, and getting good rest.
✨ Clearing my mind means…doing my mental hygiene of questioning and dissolving the thoughts that cause me fear and suffering (thanks, Byron Katie and Steven Hayes!).
✨ Connecting my spirit means…running early morning in the Petaluma hills while listening to Martha Beck, Sara Landon or Tosha Silver, then spending some time in stillness, prayer, and/or meditation when I get home.


Put all those together, and…voila!  A being that is primed for the best chance of a Goddess Flash.


Does it happen every time I follow the above recipe? Nope. Cause I’m still human and I have bare minimum days (Exhibit A: my bare minimum stretch last week). But Goddess Flashes only seem to happen when I’m following this recipe.


So do you know the recipe for your own Goddess Flash? 


If so, awesome! If not, I invite you to do what I asked my client to do, and create one. She knew immediately that green smoothies and rest would be on the list, and now she’s adding and fine tuning from there.


You, too, may need to experiment. Or track the next time you have one. In other words, what foods or substances were you consuming or avoiding leading up to it? How was your mental state? What were you doing in the days and hours before the experience?


And really be onto yourself…
✨ What numbing or compulsive behaviors are keeping you from your very own Goddess Flash (e.g., Does too much wine in the evening leave you foggy and drained by day? Are you ignoring your body’s natural rhythms, living exhausted instead of energized? Are you filling yourself full of unhealthy foods that leave you sluggish and catatonic?).
✨ Are you falling prey to the 50,000+ thoughts we have a day that are usually negative and/or repetitive? Are you spending more time in fear than creation?
✨ Do you have go-to teachers, music, spots on nature, podcasts, and books that you access on the regular that leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world?


In other words, have you created a hospitable environment in your body, your mind, and your spirit conducive to your very own Goddess Flashes?


What I’ll suggest is that once you’re following your Goddess Flash recipe, your soul will be hard to ignore. It’s like a cork held under water. It just wants to rise and break through the surface of your being, to inspire and guide you.


And when you let it, just like my client discovered, nothing can get you down.


Because as the West Coast burns…as the pandemic infiltrates…as equality and justice for all remains more an ideal than a reality…we need more Goddess Flashes.  And we need those Flashes to become a more sustained way of being.


✨ Align with your soul, and you will not only heal your own life, but you might just heal the world. ✨




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