Wanted to let others know of my experience with Sunny as a Coach. She has been exceptional. She is very well read, trained, logical and very intuitive. The combination is so helpful because she gets to the heart of the matter very quickly and is able to provide direction and support for where to go. She is a caring and open-hearted person who is dedicated to her work and is passionate about helping others succeed and you feel this immediately from her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and direction. You will be happy you did!”  Joanne H.

Sunny is a kind, caring and perceptive coach.  She takes the time to really get to know you and always checks in to see if sessions are what you are hoping for.   When I first went to Sunny I expected to only talk about career choices, however Sunny was so open and intuitive that I ended up talking about so much more.  Sunny is warm and supportive while still being real; she knows the exact right balance of asking questions, listening, suggesting strategies and giving feedback.

Sunny has helped me to better understand the way I think and the choices I have made, while still encouraging me to believe in myself.  She enabled me to see my strengths and provided me with strategies for areas I want to work on.  Sunny has been such an addition to my life, I would highly recommend her to anyone.Susannah M.

Sunny is a warm and approachable coach. She has a great way of connecting to you and making you feel comfortable. As well Sunny has helped me see insights that I wasn’t aware of and helped me to see that I had more skills and strengths than I was giving myself credit for. After a coaching session with Sunny I always felt more optimistic and clear of the next steps to take.Sunita Alves, PEng, PMP

I originally came to Sunny because I was feeling unsatisfied in my work. With kindness and warmth, she helped me articulate questions that have lived in my heart for as long as I can remember. Is there a god? Do I have inherent value? Is magic real?

Sunny gave me tools, shared books and recordings, connected me to people, and helped me channel wisdom I didn’t know I had. She makes me feel appreciated and honored as we talk about things that are scary and magical.

Sunny has helped me ask the most important questions of my life, and she is insightful and excited as we look for answers.

I am so grateful to Sunny. My world — and the world — are better for having her in it.Katie D.