The Three Gates

The Three Questions
The Test of Three
The Three Gates


Whatever you call it, it’s a filtering system designed to help you decide if what you’re thinking is actually worth saying out loud.  It works by having you ask yourself these 3 questions before speaking:


Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?




I think this system works in reverse, too.  Before you ingest information from social media, before you get too deep into a news broadcast or article online, ask yourself if what you are reading or watching is true, necessary, and kind.


Sometimes it might be hard to tell if something is true.  But you can always tell if it is necessary FOR YOU and kind TO YOU.


In other words, is it really necessary to read that umpteenth article or listen to that TV broadcast on loop, all restating the same virus statistics and horrifying potential predictions…or could you get the information relevant for your wellness and safety by reading 1 or 2 helpful articles, or spending a short amount of time each day updating yourself on anything new and noteworthy?


And is it kind to yourself, to your emotional wellbeing, to your immune system, to ingest a steady stream of fear-inducing information that drains your resilience?  Or might it be kinder to spend a little bit of time educating yourself with constructive information, and a lot more time taking in that which calms, inspires, strengthens, and empowers your mind, your body, your immune system, and your spirit?


I created the Soul Digger Book Club to explore books whose words are soulfully true, absolutely necessary (especially now), and incredibly kind.  Join us for reading material that will pass through the Three Gates!


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