About Last Week…

For the first few weeks of sheltering-in-place, I kept a relatively normal schedule, tucked away in my home office, working, while furloughed Chase cross stitched, listened to Bill Simmons’ podcast, and customized a kickass deviled egg recipe.


Last week, however, I decided to ease up a bit. I wanted to see Chase, not my closed office door. Amidst chaos and uncertainty, I wanted to appreciate this unprecedented mandatory pause.


So I kept work to a minimum. I helped Chase with his cross stitching. I explored the backyard with Action Jackson, the majestic tabby. And it was good.


But I also got up later instead of hitting the hills for my early a.m. runs. I ate unhealthy takeout with Chase instead of sticking to my typical weekday anti-inflammatory protocol. I drank more alcohol than I normally do. I slept fitfully and woke up groggy. And it was not so good.


This is so NOT a post about being rigid and disciplined during lockdown. Whatever it takes for you to make it through whole, healthy, and sane, I say do it.


But here’s the thing…


◼️◼️◼️ I know (for me and my body, anyway) eating processed carbs (particularly wheat) like bread, pizza crust, or pasta, leaves me feeling sluggish and foggy for about 24 hours. I know sugar is super-inflammatory and makes certain of my joints sore and swollen. I know more than one glass of wine or a beer will leave me feeling (at best) flat, tired, and uninspired, or (at worst) hungover, sad, and anxious the next day. And I know ALL of these things mess with my sleep. ◼️◼️◼️


And what did I do last week? ALL of the things.


So by the end of a week that was supposed to be easier, recharging, and more relaxing? I felt drained and sullen with absolutely no energy to face life.


My fears and anxiety about the virus, finances, and the general state of the world were magnified while my resilience was absolutely shot. And when my resilience is shot, I make everything mean the worst (e.g., This idea will never work! The world is ending! Bag lady doom awaits us all!).


But even more uncomfortable than the fear, anxiety, and lack of resilience?


When I’m in that place, I have completely lost touch with my inspiration and inner guidance. It feels like I have lost my connection to my soul, my spirit, my lifeline to the Universe.


I have come to rely on that connection and easy access to the highest, wisest part of me. I need it to guide my life and inspire my work. I need it as a conduit for hope and trust, ideas and ingenuity – now more than ever.


◼️◼️◼️ When I don’t support my body, however, the connection gets flat and staticky. ◼️◼️◼️


In Soul Digger, we focus on four primary pillars: Cleaning the Body, Clearing the Mind, Connecting the Spirit, and Taking It to the World.


“Cleaning the Body” isn’t just about physical wellness (although that’s a plus). It’s about recognizing that the body is the seat of the soul, so creating a hospitable environment that is conducive to clear communication is key.


Last week, my body was not so hospitable for my mind or spirit. Which sucked.


But here’s the good news. Our bodies and psyches want to move toward healing and stasis. Given just a little of the good stuff (clean food, movement, water vs. booze, restful sleep), my energy and inspiration will surface, much like a cork that’s been held under water.


◼️◼️◼️ I’m all about doing whatever you need to do to get through this pandemic. But I’m also all about being onto ourselves, and being able to admit when our bandaid fixes (carbs…alcohol…sugar…recreational or prescription drugs) end up stealing our resilience and causing more pain than they’re worth (brain fog…anxiety…hangovers…despair). ◼️◼️◼️


We need resilience right now. We need to be able to access and hear our inner guidance. And if you believe there is something greater than you happening out there in the Universe, we sure as hell need to be connected to it right now.


I am no teetotaler and my diet is not perfect. But I know what works for my body in order for my mind and spirit to feel good (maybe even great) in the best AND worst of times.


Last week wasn’t my best week. And that’s okay. This week? Much better. Cause I’m doing what works for my body.


Are you doing what works for yours?


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